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    • Defrost Elements

      Torpedo Silicone Element, available from 1 - 8 Meters
      Defrost Elements, available from 1 - 6 Meters

      Elements made to your specification

      Torpedo Silicone Element

      Code Description Wattage
      RBS1 1 Meter 15W
      RBS2 2 Meter 30W
      RBS3 3 Meter 45W
      RBS4 4 Meter 60W
      RBS5 5 Meter 75W
      RBS6 6 Meter 90W
      RBS7 7 Meter 105W
      RBS8 8 Meter 120W

      Defrost Elements

      Straight Lengths

      Code Description Wattage
      RRFI1 1 Meter 350W
      RRFI1.25 1.25 Meter 450W
      RRFI1.5 1.5 Meter 525W
      RRFI1.75 1.75 Meter 625W

      Supplied Coiled

      Code Description Wattage
      RRFI2 2 Meter 700W
      RRFI2.25 2.25 Meter 800W
      RRFI2.5 2.5 Meter 875W
      RRFI2.75 2.75 Meter 950W
      RRFI3 3 Meter 1000W
      RRFI3.25 3.25 Meter 125W
      RRFI3.5 3.5 Meter 1250W
      RRFI4 4 Meter 1400W
      RRFI4.5 4.5Meter 1600W
      RRFI5 5 Meter 1750W
      RRFI5.5 5.5 Meter 1900W
      RRFI6 6 Meter 2100W




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