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Belated Happy New Year!!!


Winter seems to be NEVERENDING!!!

Aren’t we supposed to be in Spring!!  Whats with all the storms and floods and wind and thunder. It seems the only light we get these days is the Lightning!!!  It’s ALWAYS so dark!!!

Anyway, that’s the whinge over with, It’s a new year here at South Coast Sales and things seems to be very very busy, which is fantastic. On a daily basis we are looking out for new ways to improve our product range and services. The amount of trips to various trade exhibitions around the world that have been booked for the boss men to visit is staggering already. However, these trips are vital to keep up to date on the latest innovations out there in our sector!

We will also be exhibiting at various shows around the country during 2014, so keep an eye out for details here and on Facebook.

So, whats new?

Well our biggest new “thing” is we have our first smart phone app designed and available to download on iTunes and android. It’s an app that can be used to measure a room for the FARHO electric heaters. It’s a simple to use app, you just enter the 3 dimensions of the room, your email, name and contact and the app will give you the recommended amount of panels you will require. An email is automatically sent to us, so we are aware of your info request and we can contact your with details of your local supplier if required.

Our sister company International Lighting is one of the first companies in Ireland to stock LED floodlights that use new SMD Technology. These lights come in sizes from 10Watt up to 150w and also a 20w and 40w are available with a sensor. These SMD fittings are the same size as the older fittings but have double the power. They are Eco friendly and extra long life, in fact you get up to 50,000 hours!!!!!  That would put an end to a dark evening / morning!!!

We have fancy new South Coast Sales Fleece’s that we hope to give away regularly via Facebook and Twitter competitions, So be sure to “LIKE” our page and tell ALL your friends to like our page aswell!!!

I hope to blog again soon and not leave it for so long the next time


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