How to set up Remote Management for Farho heating

Hi All,
Its been a while since we have had a chance to post here so, to help get us back into the swing of it I am going to show how to set up the remote management for the Farho Xana heaters

Watch the video below where it outlines how to install the Nexho management device. This is a pretty straight forward step in the process, having an ipad or a device with the app helps greatly.

This step is tricky and what makes it worse is that home users have different firewalls depending on your Internet provider. If you have kids in the house of a suitable age they can help with this, the work here is the same as most people have done to get an Xbox or PlayStation working over the Internet.

Find your firewall login page, you firewall is the same as your router that the ISP gives you.
It will be a box connected to phone line normally Netgear or some brand, sky or Eircom box.
The IP of the router can be go from your local PC (it is normally your gateway). Typically
Connect to the router / firewall @

Login – if you have lost this it might be written on the back of you router or you can reset or your ISP will have sent it to you.
After login you need to add a service (might be called port on old firewalls)

Be careful of the following.
Make sure you know what IP your Nexho gets (by default it it
Make sure you add a rule for both UDP & TCP to allow the Nexho service (port 6653)
Allow traffic from the Internet to the Nexho only !!!! Be carefull not to allow to other devices or to your internal network.

Important Update !!
After you have the firewall / router configured open the Nexho app on your iphone or ipad & perform these steps.

open the app
click on the icon at the TOP LEFT
You will be asked for a password, the default is nexho
click on communications
click “send data to another application”
click “resynchronize installation”
Make sure you click on “set time”
the settime is important to sync your rads so they go aff at the right time.

Hope this helps !!!
But if it doesn’t, just give us a call at 021 4346143 and we can go through the details over the phone, or send out a sales rep